Saturday, June 30, 2007

Picasso's Latest Post

Where would Van Gogh and Rembrandt be if they were just starting out as artist's today? What if they had published their paintings on the web as they created them. How would the web have changed their careers? Many artists around the world would immediately have been copying their styles.
If Picasso had published his very first cubist painting on the web and was immediately copied within a few hours and then sold on eBay and in local galleries, would his originality and fame have been diluted? Many top flight artists seem to think so, as they closely guard how many of their paintings (if any) are published on the web.
The majority of the worlds museums publish very few of their holdings on the web, seeing it as a threat to their existence? By what percentage would their attendance and ticket sales figures drop if anyone could view all of their masterpiece paintings on the web?
Will elite artists around the world develop huge audiences without the help of the usual gatekeepers…. the news media, museums and galleries.
In 10 years will the museums and galleries still be the dominant players? Or with the aid of the web will the elite artists, musicians and writers become the dominant players cutting out the gatekeepers?
Will the creativity and ingenuity of top artists shine through as they adapt to the fast changing technologies and use them to their advantage. Only time will tell, but the next ten years looks very promising for creative souls.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Downtown on the Night Shift

An original oil painting showing a downtown street at dusk.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007