Sunday, August 19, 2007

The State of Childrens Education

Brilliant Speech by Sir Ken Robinson
Sir Ken is a cross between Micheal Cain, Robin Williams and your favorite school teacher or university professor. If you do not laugh while watching and listening to his speech, please check your pulse. It is very entertaining, enlightening, funny and will make you rethink children's education.


emm said...

David, thank you for posting this video, I think it is important and will share it with my friends.

Lynne said...

This was so totally correct that it gave me chills and of course made me laugh because I recognized the terrible truths of what he was saying. As an artist, it hits home and hard. I have passed it on to many.

ckw said...

wow! i am an art teacher and this was so great to hear and see and i did laugh alot and he was fantastic- i cant wait to pass on to others- thanks you!