Monday, July 30, 2007

Ecology - Shark Attacks

Are you afraid of sharks? Whenever someone is attacked by a shark it makes the front page of the newspapers and TV news around the planet. In 2005 along the Gulf Coast a beautiful teenage girl was tragically attacked and killed, three days later a teenage boy was attacked but survived while in shallow water along the Gulf Coast. CNN recently did a one hour special on the attacks.
But, how dangerous is it? according to recent reports between ten and fifty people are killed by shark attacks worldwide every year! But, there are two side to every story, and the other side of the story is rarely told?
Facts: Humans attack and kill seventy million to one hundred million sharks every year(The United Nations Environmental Program estimates that we lose somewhere between 70 to 100 million sharks a year worldwide) Mainly just to cut off all their fins (while still alive) just to make FIN SOUP!!
If you visit or live in Asia where the demand for shark fins is the highest, refuse to buy or eat Fin Soup.
If we continue looking for shortterm profits by over fishing, and bulldozing the planet, especially the RAINFOREST'S (the lungs of the planet), what price will we ultimately pay?

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